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Become The Woman He’s Scared To Lose

Let’s be real … You want to be cherished! Being spoiled, pampered and catered to like a queen is almost every woman’s dream come true.
Truth is, you can get anything you want out of your man if you know how to communicate with him in a language that he understands.
See, men don’t communicate like we do. Women are more emotional and sophisticated by nature, but as you know, men aren’t good at expressing their emotions. This is where most women struggle, but it really doesn’t require a lot of effort to keep most men happy.

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What you are about to learn inside Ryder University is based on cutting-edge research, from years of experience as an intimacy instructor, and from working with countless clients…

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Inside Ryder University, you’ll discover the art of oral love, which most women have yet to master. Once performed by someone skilled and confident in their abilities, is a concrete example of the pleasure of giving.

Inside, You’ll Learn How To…

Always Make Oral Sex An Exciting Experience

Discover the secrets to a more fulfilling love life by trying new, exciting oral sex techniques that blow your partner’s mind!

Get Rid Of Your “Performance Anxiety”

Release shame and stop feeling anxious about giving blowjobs.

Become More Confident And Surer Of Yourself And Your Abilities

Make oral sex an exciting experience for you as well.

Understand Your Man’s Anatomy & Erogenous Zones For Enhanced Stimulation

Learn the different erogenous zones of your man and exactly what makes him feel good for a mind-blowing connection.

Create A Powerful Connection With Your Communication

Learn how to effectively communicate with your man in the way that he will listen, in a way that creates connection and enhances intimacy.

Make Your Man Fall Deeper In Love With You, And Everytime Feel Like Your Honeymoon

Create a deeper, lasting bond with the love of your life and ignite greater passion between you.

Learn Why Great Oral Pleasure Is More Mental Than Physical

Turn him on, and take him to the peak of orgasmic heights.

Make Him Feign For You Like Jodeci

Discover the secrets to satisfying your partner by playfully teasing him, and getting him smitten with you.

And Many More Expert Tips On How To Make The Most Special Man In Your Life Happy And Satisfied!

I’ve Helped Thousands Of Women Change Their Mindset & Improve Their Relationships With This Simple Act Of Kindness and Here Is What Some Have To Say

Whew!! I love love love this book! These techniques are very greatly detailed and explained so you can understand and execute on your guy. The sample sexy phrases in the back of the book are AWESOME & steamy hot!!! I cannot wait to use these techniques on daddy 😏
Ayauna t.
This book saved my relationship. I applied the techniques for my man who absolutely hated going down on me and now he wants to go down on me all the time. Thank you so much for writing this book CJ Ryder, you are truly a blessing.
Mike Windler
Packed with very useful information. My significant other noticed my new skills. Thank you so much for the lessons. I’ve recommended your book to all my friends that are open to learning new tricks in the bedroom.
Alicia G.

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